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Trưởng Thanh Container has opened their new branch in Ho Chi Minh City

Trưởng Thanh Container has opened their new branch in Ho Chi Minh City

Trưởng Thanh Company Limited (Trưởng Thanh Container - TTC) vhas opened a new branch at 544 National Road 1A, Quarter 4, An Phu Dong Ward, District 12, HCMC. With the motto "When Customers are satisfied, we are successful", the new branch is considered as a milestone marking the growth and development of the company for many years.

Trưởng Thanh Co., Ltd has opened their branch in District 12, Ho Chi Minh City.

The event is a gathering place for a comprehensive display of machinery, containers, semi-trailers ... diversified from the input and output sectors of the transport engineering industry. At the same time, this is also a multi-dimensional trading opportunity in many aspects in the field of mechanical transport.
During the event, customers and businesses have visited the advanced products such as semi-trailers, skeletons, floor, floor ... are imported complete from Shenzen Cimc Company. Vehicle., LTD (Shenzhen, China) - CIMC Corporation. The product has good steel quality, high load capacity and low depreciation level, which is considered as one of the top choices for investment in cargo transportation.

Some of products of TTC at the Branch Opening Event.

In addition to the container products and mechanical machinery on display, the event also introduced new product lines such as tank trucks, tractors to diversify the product line. This will help customers easily reach the company when the demand arises, connecting business in the transport market - manufacturing and mechanical services

Trưởng Thanh Container Motto of operation “When customers are satisfied, we succeed”.

According Trưởng Thanh Container (TTC) representative, it is the favor of partners, suppliers in and out of the country has created a strong container Chief as strong today. TTC will bring practical value to the business by dynamic human resources as a foundation, having profound knowledge, creativity and responsibility in the work. In addition, the company creates reliable quality and shares prosperity with its partners and members, enhancing the potential for growth in the community.