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Refrigerated Container

Refrigerated Container



  • Refrigerated containers are a common form of thermal containers. Refrigerated container is often used to transport of frozen goods, fresh food or medicinal products.
  • In refrigerated containers, the refrigerator is like a heart, providing cold air in a circulating cycle, bringing cool air to every point in the container, ensuring optimum cooling effect for the cargo.
  • The refrigerator is fully automatic.
  • When transporting refrigerated container, refrigerators can be operated by oil-driven electrical equipment. To operate the refrigerator's power supply need to be connected to the power supply of the container.
  • Refrigerated containers provided by Thanh Thanh can transport goods such as shrimp, fish meat, products need to be preserved in cold temperature.
  • Containers meet the standard of coldness and can be customized according to the requirements of various type of goods.
  • Cooling goods: Ensure cool air flow is arranged so that it can spread, permeate through the layers of cargo, eliminate heat from goods, CO2, ethylene (if any), stagnant  moisture or gases from previous storage.
  • Freezed goods: ensure cold air circulates around the goods to reduce the temperature fluctuation of adjacent areas (ceiling, floor, container wall).


  • Control the temperature of the refrigerated container to preserve the product in transit
  • Refrigerated containers have a big design, with various size suitable for storage of foods that require various level of coldness or preservation of each type.


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