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Housing container is a container converted from dry container (ISO standard). Beside of keeping the size of the container, housing container can be redesigned for various purposes: housing, homestay, coffee shop…

In terms of size, housing containers have 20 feet containers and 40 feet containers. Depending on the needs, it is possible to design and arrange a variety of containers together.

The cafeteria or cafeteria is quite handy yet extremely unique, attracting much interest from the young.

Nowadays homestays become a trend in resorts because of its uniqueness. And design at very cheap cost, easy to change the style to catch the trend of tourism tastes.


  • Internal frames are made of strong steel
  • Insulated wall panels with Foam plates, good insulation, limited heating.
  • The roof panel inside is mounted with smart boad plate, waterproof, high durability.
  • External is painted 3 layers, high coverage, good gloss, durable.
  • Reasonable price (no foundation reinforcement), and high mobility, suitable for many types of terrain such as delta, hills or urban
  • High mobility, easy to move from one location to another.
  • Occupy a small area, do not cost much for foundation.
  • Structural steel, resistant to the weather, the life of the container house lasts up to 50 years.


Container housing is converted from dry container, so the size and standards are the same as the dry container respectively. In addition, housing containers also equipped with some basic furniture as follows:


1. Power system:

  • 3 double power switches
  • 3 telephone sockets,
  • 1 CP air conditioning 16A,
  • 1 CP lamp 16A
  • Two 16A power outlets
  • 1 power supply 32A, 1 external power connector

2. Equipment:

  • 1 air conditioner (1,5 HP) Carrier/Samsung/LG
  • 2 rotary suction fans
  • 3 neon lights (1.2m) electricity saving
  • All the wires go under the frame.

3. Floors:

  • Wooden flooring - thickness and material depend on the requirements of customers, we will execute according to the requirements of customers, and provide the best solution for customers.

4. Walls and Ceilings:

  • Solid insulation paint
  • Use 3 coats
  • Insulation foam
  • Strong steel frame construction

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